The Nursery is open Monday to Friday, for viewing and selection of our stock and pickup of pre-paid orders. We can offer some help and advice while on site, but if you have detailed plans or need in depth advice it is still best to email photos and plans beforehand. 

Special Offers

Available for a limited period online and in the nursery, our special offers area contains great quality stock at brilliant prices. Hurry, these won't hang around for long!

Hedging and Shrub Offers

Prunus Laurocerasus

Cherry Laurel

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Aucuba japonica Crotonifolia

Spotted Laurel

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Golden Variegated Holly

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Corylus avellana Red Majestic

Purple Corkscrew Hazel

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Carpinus betulus


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Elaeagnus x ebbingei Viveleg

Variegated Oleaster

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Screening Offers

Cupressus Arizonica Fastigiata

Blue Arizona Cypress

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Green Leylandii

Leyland Cypress

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Ornamental Tree Offers

Betula utilis jacquemontii

Himalayan Birch

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Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer

Ornamental Pear

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