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Our Favourite Cherry Blossom Trees

Purple Leaved Plum

Prunus Pissardii Nigra

A much loved tree with very early dark pink flowers one of the first of the trees to blossom in the spring often in blossom late February or early March. The blossom is followed by dark purple leaves.

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White flowering cherry


An upright flowing cherry with large single white flowers about 1¼ inches wide in stalked umbels which come together with new green leaves in mid to late April. The flowers have pink stamens which become more pronounced as the flower ages. The leaves turn beautifully orange to purple-red in autumn

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Double Pink Cherry

Prunus Kanzan

This double pink flowered cherry is possibly the most well-known of the Japanese Cherries. It is an elegant, small, but wide growing tree with a vase-shaped crown which grows as wide as tall. It blooms with long stalked bunches of very pink flowers that open among the young leaves which are bronze-green.

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Pandora Cherry


Elegant, small cherry with a wide, pillar-shaped crown providing a vase shaped outline. Blooms with large shell pink to white flowers in late March.

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Our favourites

Frosted Thorn


All the attributes of a perfect garden tree, providing reliable spring and autumn interest whilst not becoming too large

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The Frosted Thorn is the perfect garden tree! It looks great through the seasons, never grows too large and has a wonderful colour in the autumn. I often recommend these to our customers who have difficult soil as it’s a very hardy tree. Dale - Nursery manager

Snowy Mespil


A tree with year round interest that can be either single stem or multi-stem. A really good all rounder.

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A small tree with beautiful blossom, great autumn colour and edible berries. Ticks all the right boxes for a small garden. Simon - Director