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Bareroot Hedging



One of the most common plants used for formal hedging.If kept as a hedge it will hold onto its old leaves in the winter.

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Native Mixed Hedge

Countryside Hedge Mix

Based on 60% Hawthorn with 10% of 4 other species, this hedge is perfect in the countryside and to keep in livestock.

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Hornbeam will grow well in full sun or shade and will quite happily cope with damp or wet soils. It stands up well to hard pruning, has dense foliage and is commonly used for hedging.

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Garden Privet


Garden Privet a common hedging plant that can be seen in every town and village, originally from Japan it has been grown as a hedging plant in the UK for many years.

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Our favourites

Frosted Thorn


All the attributes of a perfect garden tree, providing reliable spring and autumn interest whilst not becoming too large

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The Frosted Thorn is the perfect garden tree! It looks great through the seasons, never grows too large and has a wonderful colour in the autumn. I often recommend these to our customers who have difficult soil as it’s a very hardy tree. Dale - Nursery manager

Snowy Mespil


A tree with year round interest that can be either single stem or multi-stem. A really good all rounder.

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A small tree with beautiful blossom, great autumn colour and edible berries. Ticks all the right boxes for a small garden. Simon - Director