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Maples for awesome autumn colour

Hybrid Red Maple

Acer 'Autumn Blaze'

A fast-growing maple which, true to its name, really fires up autumn

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Vine Maple

Acer circinatum

A fine alternative to the dainty Japanese Maples, especially for clay soils

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Hybrid Shantung Maple

Acer truncatum Norwegian Sunset

Only reaching 10m in height, this maple is a great choice for smaller gardens

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Norway Maple

Acer platanoides

A large and handsome classic that makes a statement with its orange coat in autumn

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Our favourites

Snowy Mespil


A tree with year round interest that can be either single stem or multi-stem. A really good all rounder.

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A small tree with beautiful blossom, great autumn colour and edible berries. Ticks all the right boxes for a small garden. Wendy Downer

Silver Birch


This stand out tree has branches that are notable by the fact that the ends are pendulous. The bark is white often with black diamond shaped markings.

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I find it almost impossible to choose just one as they vary so much and different trees look good in different situations. But if I have to choose just one I would say Silver Birch is a stunning native tree. Simon Scarth - Director