UPDATE 05/01/2021: Current government guidance has specifically designated garden centres as providing essential goods and services and as such we will continue to trade as normal.

We are currently open 8:30-16:00 Monday - Saturday and will continue to offer deliveries and planting as normal. 

If you are intending to visit, please check our website for any changes to this before travelling.

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Marvellous birches

Silver birch


Our native silver birch, graceful in shape and subtle in colour, brightens winter days with its pale bark and purple haze of fine branches and catkins.

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White barked birch


Snow Queen birch has an exceptionally smooth, white trunk that forms an eye catching focal point in the winter garden.

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Chinese red-barked birch


Gleaming copper-coloured bark peels in tissue-thin layers to reveal shades of pink, cream and white on this Asian birch, which also boasts gorgeous catkins.

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Young's weeping birch


This smaller version of the native silver birch shares its lovely light bark and fine leaves, but weeps heavily producing a lower, wider outline.

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Our favourites

Frosted Thorn


A tree with year round interest that can be either single stem or multi-stem. A really good all rounder.

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“A diverse tree which will grow well in most aspects and soil types. Producing glossy green leaves, followed by large corymbs of white flowers which turn into bright red berries. Dale James - Nursery Manager

Silver Birch


This stand out tree has branches that are notable by the fact that the ends are pendulous. The bark is white often with black diamond shaped markings.

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I find it almost impossible to choose just one as they vary so much and different trees look good in different situations. But if I have to choose just one I would say Silver Birch is a stunning native tree. Simon Scarth - Director