What we mean by British Grown

Chew Valley Trees is proud to say that 98.5% of our stock is British grown. Wherever you see the British Grown logo on the page, it means the tree or plant has been fully produced in this country, supporting home grown horticulture and reducing the risk of importing pests and diseases.

Our definition of British grown trees - the first that we know of in the tree nursery industry - is straightforward: we only call a plant British grown if it has been both propagated and grown in the UK. Where you don't see the logo, we can't guarantee the tree has been here from start to finish. However, in the vast majority of cases it will have been growing in the UK for a number of years before going on sale.

We should point out that British Grown trees are not the same as native British trees. Native trees are types of tree that have been growing in the wild in this country since the end of the last ice age. Native trees are great, but for ornamental qualities, non-natives and cultivars (varieties that have been deliberately reproduced) have so much to offer the gardener.

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