Planting a 6/8, 8/10 or 15L tree

How to plant a bare root Specimen, Ornamental or Fruit tree size 6-8/8-10cm girth or a 15L potted tree

In order to plant your tree you will need: a spade, sledge hammer or ideally a drivel, a hammer and a tack. The tree will also need a stout stake, a buckle tie, a bag of compost, a rabbit guard and ideally a mulch mat and some mulch.

Plant tree 001

Make sure the roots of the tree do not dry out. If the tree only needs to be stored for a couple of days it can be left in the plastic bag in a cool place. If you need to store it for longer you should heel it in by covering the roots with soil.

Dig a hole large enough for the roots to spread out evenly. (About 1/3 bigger than the size of the roots.)

Dig the Hole

Position the stake just off-centre on the windward side and drive in at least 1ft below the bottom of the hole.

Drive in stake

Place the tree next to the stake so the soil mark on the tree is level with ground surface.

Tree next to stake

Mix the compost together with the soil that has been dug out of the hole.Backfill with soil, gently shake the tree up and down to work the soil around the roots. Firm around the tree in stages by treading with the heel.


Secure with a tree tie at the top of the stake. Hammer a galvanised tack just behind buckle to secure the tie to the stake and remember to adjust as the stem thickens.

Place a plastic mulch mat around the tree and spread the mulch evenly about 2 inches thick to cover.

Mulch 948 580 90 c1

Now you have finished you can sit back and enjoy your tree.

Note: Be aware that if rabbits or deer are prevalent in the area the tree will need to be protected against that.

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