Is it the right time to plant trees?

We are often asked “When is a good time to plant”? The real answer to this is 20 years ago, but since we can’t turn back time we will just look at the year ahead.

Planting in Autumn is ideal. The ground is still warm, the weather is mild, and your tree will have a chance to settle in before the growing season next year. Before the trees drop their leaves, you will only be able to purchase container grown trees. This means you can come into the nursery and choose your own, if you are able.

Winter is also an excellent time to plant, and the traditional season for doing so. You might be feeling the cold, but the trees have ‘shut down’ so they really don’t mind. You can plant anytime you can get a spade in the ground, just avoid planting in completely frozen or sodden ground. At this time of year you can take advantage of planting bare root trees, which have been freshly dug up from the ground (pre-ordering necessary). We will choose these for you – it isn’t possible to have these trees on display.

Come Spring, the trees are waking up, buds and bursting and breathtaking blooms start to appear. The weather is mild, so this is also a great time to plant. Roots will quickly reach out into the soil, searching for water and nutrients to see the tree through the growing season. It’s a good time to plant as you can enjoy spring blossom and watching your tree start to establish over the coming months, but you will need to start the watering regime to support all the fresh growth.

Summer is a fine time to plant as long as you can keep up the watering. There is a risk of newly planted trees undergoing drought stress at this time of year, but it’s not out of the question. If you decide to plant a tree and you’re going on holiday, probably best to wait till your return. But if you come and view the trees at this time of year and have your heart set on one, then don’t let the season hold you back. Just be prepared to water!

So, any time year is a good time to plant!

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