Collecting your order FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about collecting your order.

When can I pick up my bare root order?

Bare root orders are dug up either on the day you come to pick up, or the evening prior. If your order is in stock, it can be available for collection within 24 hours. However, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible between ordering and picking up, as we can be very busy in the tree planting season (November to March)!

When can I pick up my container tree/hedging order?

If your order is in stock, you can pick up immediately.

Will I be able to fit the tree(s) in my car?

Generally speaking, 15L pot size trees and 6/8cm girth size bare root trees will fit into a medium sized car. Several trees can be transported this way, as long as the rear seats fold down (it's best not to bring any more than one passenger).

Some 15L and 6/8cm size trees are fast growers, however, and may be very tall (e.g. poplar and willow). We will try to warn you if we think this may be the case, but please check with us if in any doubt.

Conversely, small trees can fit into small cars, so don't assume you need to book delivery! However, for trees in 30L pots or 8/10cm girth and above, our delivery service is usually the best option.

Is it best to bring a van?

Not necessarily. Short wheelbase vans with the cab boarded off sometimes have less capacity, length-wise, than a car, so may not be ideal for transporting trees. If in doubt, contact us.

Is it best to bring a trailer?

Not necessarily. Small trailers (under 4ft/1.2m long) are not well suited to trees, which are best transported lying down, and anything in leaf will need to be covered if not protected by the sides of the trailer. It's better to put trees inside a car than hanging out of a short trailer.

Will I be able to fit bare root hedging in my car?

Bare root hedging come bundled up in bags and takes up less space than you might think.

Therefore most orders of less than 500 whips will easily fit into a car.

Can you help me load my order?


I can't make it during opening hours, what can I do?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer collection during opening hours.

I can't pick up my order on the date I specified - do I need to let you know?

Yes please, as soon as you can. Irrigation is detached from container trees before they are collected, so we need to know to leave this in place. Bare root orders, meanwhile, are dug up from the ground just prior to collection. Leaving the roots out of the ground for too long can lead to damage, so please let us know as soon as possible if you know you can't make it.

Can I return my order?

Please see our returns policy under Terms and Conditions.

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