Important note about orders containing bare root plants

Bare root trees and hedging are now available on the website for pre-order, but will only be ready for delivery from mid-November. If you order either just bare root plants or a combination of container grown and bare root plants, the whole order will be delivered once the bare root element of the order is available. Orders containing only container grow plants will be delivered as normal.

Sundries > Animal Protection

Spiral Rabbit Guard

0.6 m Clear Rabbit Guard

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Tubex Shrub Shelter

0.6m Tubex Shrub Shelters

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2ft Tubex Tree Shelter excluding stake

0.6m Tubex Treeshelters

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3ft Bamboo Cane

0.9 m Bamboo Cane12/14

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4ft Weldmesh Guard

1.2 m Weld Mesh Guards

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4ft Tubex Tree Shelters

1.2m TubexTreeshelters

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6ft Weldmesh Guards

1.8 m Weld Mesh Guards

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