Trees for small gardens

If your garden doesn’t run to several acres and will only accommodate one or two trees, you will want to choose very wisely. Fortunately we stock a good variety of small trees at the nursery, so there should be something to fit your requirements.

To help you choose the right one, it is worth considering the ultimate height, whether it can be pruned to stay small and how many seasons of interest the tree offers. Click through to the full product listing for more information on the trees listed below.

Our top ten small trees:

1. Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Ballerina’  - Snowy Mespilus

A dainty small tree that gives a lot: spring flowers, summer berries and then autumn colour. Birds love the berries, too.


2. Malus ‘Sun Rival’ - Crab Apple

The smallest of our crab apples, Sun Rival forms a domed canopy bedecked with white blossom in spring and vibrant red crabs from late summer.


3. Photinia Red Robin

A small evergreen shrub or tree, Photinia Red Robin is perfect for screening and provides pizazz with its red highlights.


4. Crataegus prunifolia ‘Splendens’ - Frosted Thorn

The Frosted Thorn is the perfect small tree – white flowers in May, glossy leaves, autumn colour, berries for the bird and excellent tolerance of exposed conditions.


5. Cornus controversa Variegata – The Wedding Cake Tree

The Wedding Cake Tree is a true stunner. Delicate cream-edged leaves clothe its branches, which grow in tiers, giving the tree its name.


6. Magnolia Susan

This shrubby magnolia brings a burst of colour in late spring with its magenta flowers that open from dark pink buds. Prefers a moist soil.


7. Acer griseum – Paper Bark Maple

Grown for its interesting bark and low-branching form, Acer griseum also gives a welcome display of autumn colour. The sun shining through its chestnut curls is a sight to behold.


8. Laburnum alpinum Pendulum – Weeping Scotch Laburnum

This very small tree bears charming yellow flower racemes in spring and provides a pretty weeping shape all year round.


9. Acer circinatum – Vine maple

A handsome, diminutive maple, akin to the Japanese maples but with a more forgiving nature and dainty spring flowers. The vine-like leaves really come into their own in autumn.


10.Cotoneaster ‘Hybridus Pendulus’

Easy to grow, this Cotoneaster makes a small semi-evergreen tree decorated with bunches of pretty red berries in autumn.


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