What will you plant in 2022?

19th Jan 2022

Happy New Year to all our valued customers! As we all get back to the grind, the smattering of crisp, frosty days blessed with bright sun are a tonic for the soul, amid the more usual grey skies. To get the most out of those beautiful days, you really need to take yourself out there and feel the cold against your cheeks. Too chilly? We know a great way to warm up.

Yes, there’s nothing like digging a hole or two to get the blood pumping! And the satisfaction of seeing trees and hedging nicely planted in those holes will also bring a warm glow.

However, a frequently asked question is whether it is too cold to plant, when the mercury dips below zero. We recommend that if you can get a spade in the ground (i.e. it’s not frozen solid), it’s fine to plant.

Find out more about planting in cold weather.

And while it’s wonderful to look forward to a tree that will give you joy with spring blossom, or autumn colour, don’t forget there are colourful stems, textural bark and tiny scented blooms that waft a mysterious perfume on cold days, perfect for enriching your plot this season. Try this guide for inspo: Trees and shrubs for winter interest.

Ever wondered what happens to trees in winter? While they don’t completely shut down, the lack of sunshine does signal to them that it’s time to enter a dormant state. Meanwhile, things are anything but dormant in our world as this is the busy season for tree planting! Bare root season runs until March, so if you want to plant lots of hedging or get a deal on trees by buying them in bare root form, now is the time.

Happy planting!


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