Day four!

20th Apr 2017

We set off in the sunshine for a day exploring gardens in south Tokyo. First up was Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu, a classic Japanese landscape garden, it is a beautiful little oasis in the city.

The green space is surrounded by sky scrapers and, stood in the garden - you really feel like you’ve gone back in time and are looking out into the future. It’s kind of surreal and beautiful.

The garden features lots of the typical elements of a Japanese landscape garden including; a pond and man-made hills which symbolise the ocean, lakes and mountains of the world, plus circular walking trails to enjoy the garden from various different perspectives.

Although in the city the garden was full of lots of wildlife which surprised me! Lots of birds, thousands of tadpoles in the pond, along with lots of big coy carp enjoying the sun in the shallows.

There were lots of people milling about the garden too - mainly popping by for a lovely picnic, to catch some rays or step out the office to have their lunch. Take a look at our pics...