We are going to be on BBC Gardeners World on Friday

9th Mar 2016

Back in spring 2015, when temperatures were much higher than now, Gardener’s World paid Chew Valley Trees a visit. The footage from that lovely sunny day is about to be aired as part of a Gardener’s World tree special and we will definitely be tuning in!

Presenter Joe Swift and his team rocked up to the nursery and after a quick cuppa and a whistle-stop tour, they set up their gear amongst some of our finest specimens. The cherry trees were in blossom and beautiful fresh foliage was emerging everywhere, so there was plenty to choose from.

Joe interviewed our Simon about tree production techniques, different containers and planting methods. He was also eager to hear our tips for choosing the right tree for your space and how to make sure it establishes once in the ground. We explained that talking to your trees nicely just isn’t enough – there’s a bit more to helping them thrive!

To demonstrate the best planting method, we took Joe and his team to put in a tree at Charlton Farm, a nearby children’s hospice where our landscaping team has done quite a bit of work in the beautiful grounds. Here, we took Joe through the process, from getting the right depth in the soil to firming the roots properly in place and attaching the all-important stakes.

We cannot wait to watch this episode and see what Joe Swift covers in his series on trees. No doubt there will be answers to some of the FAQs we receive here at the nursery. It’s on BBC2 at 8.30pm this Friday, 11 March.


By Ana de Wiele on 10/03/2016

Well done!

By Barrie Townsend on 10/03/2016

I shall most certainly be tuned in, great company with great customer care and service, well done you deserve it ,

By elizabeth Langdon on 10/03/2016

I am a satisfied customer. I shall be watching the show with interest

By shelley Pearson on 15/03/2016

Loved seeing you on the show and will be coming over this weekend to visit!

By IMC on 21/09/2016


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