Water, water, water

17th Jul 2013

It is all too easy to forget about maintenance especially when we are all busy making the most of the hot weather while it lasts.

Even semi-mature trees that have been planted for a number of years are struggling to source enough moisture in the ground. Symptoms are browning of leaves, wilting and early Autumn colouring. We have noticed many trees on our way to and from work that have fallen victim to this long spell of hot, dry weather. Trees under stress are also more vulnerable to attack from pests and diseases.

Our general message is water, water, water – during this weather it is not possible to over-do it!

The main reason that plants die within 12 months of having been planted is lack of water.  It is essential throughout the spring and summer, to give a heavy enough watering to enable the water to penetrate right down to the deepest root level.

Soak the ground at least 1 metre in diameter around each tree with enough water to completely saturate the soil. DO THIS EVERY 1-2 DAYS during hot weather, or if there is no substantial rainfall for more than one week. The larger the tree the more water it will need. Please call us if you need further advice.

Using bark mulch is a simple and effective way of keeping moisture in the ground; the use of a mulch mat underneath the mulch works even better.


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