Trees will be in fashion at Chelsea 2019

10th Dec 2018

Next year's Chelsea Flower Show is set to be full of mini woodlands rather than traditional gardens, according to the Royal Horticultural Society. The woodland garden trend is inspired by the need to reduce greenhouse gas levels, increase habitat for wildlife habitat and to use trees for their cooling properties.

Encouraging people to reconnect with nature will be a key theme at next year's show, and garden designers will be demonstrating that even urban spaces can be filled with pollution-beating forests on a small scale. Exhibition gardens will prove that groups of trees can not only look beautiful, but provide important environmental benefits, and it is hoped that visitors will take these ideas home.

Gold-winning designer Andy Sturgeon will be creating a landscape colonised by young trees, ferns and jewel-like flowers, while fellow gold-winner Sarah Eberle will celebrate 100 years of the Forestry Commission, looking at how forests can be made resilient in a future affected by climate change and increasing threats from pests and disease. Some of the other gardens which have been announced will be inspired by lush rainforests, arid environments and coastal habitats.

Hearing about next year's Chelsea reminds us very much of our own silver-gilt-winning show garden at Hampton Court back in 2014, titled Green is the Colour. Featuring a structure made of logs, with a window framing a wooded view, it was inspired by the wild forests of Canada. Call us trendsetters!

If your garden isn't very big but you want a slice of Chelsea, we recommend small trees such as flowering cherries, rowans and crab apples, which are all loved by birds. For trapping air pollution, conifer hedges, Portuguese laurel and privet are good bets. Research has shown that hedges make a good barrier against fumes in front gardens. Pollution-busting trees, which actually absorb toxic gases, include maples like Norway maple, limes, birches and alder.



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