UPDATE 3/11/2020: As we are classed as a Garden Center we will continue to operate as normal. We are still able to deliver, the nursery will be open for buying and viewing stock and planting service will also continue as normal.


‘Tis the season for bare root trees and hedging

3rd Dec 2018

The bare root season is now in full swing, with our entire range of ornamental bare root trees and hedging now in stock. Fruit trees are very nearly there, as we speak, so will be available from mid-December, just in time for Christmas. All are available to order for both delivery and pick-up. Please give us at least 24 hours' notice for pick-up, if you can.

Not all the trees we stock are available bare root as some, including most evergreens, transplant better from containers. If you do go for a container-grown tree, feel free to come down to the nursery and choose your own. Due to the way we store bare root trees, however, we're afraid you can't choose your own specimens, but if you have any special requests (e.g. not too tall) let us know and we will try our best to meet them.

Among the evergreens we do supply bare root are young Christmas trees, the Nordmann fir and Norway spruce. They're not large enough to hold many baubles this year, though!

If all this talk of bare root and container has you scratching your head, please take a look at our guides to:

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