The Bare Root Season is On Its Way

28th Sep 2017

It’s that time again, with chilly mornings and light fading earlier and earlier, the trees will soon lose their leaves and be ready for digging up as bare root plants. That means you can now phone or e-mail to pre-order bare root trees and hedging for planting this winter. We will soon also be making it available on the website again.

Please note, these bare rooted trees aren’t ready to send out until about mid-November, when they have gone fully dormant. If you order either just bare root plants or a combination of container grown and bare root plants, the whole order will be delivered once the bare root element of the order is available. Orders containing only container grow plants will be delivered as normal.

You are also welcome to pick up orders from the nursery, but we really appreciate it if you give us at least 24 hours’ notice so we can dig up your items before you arrive here. That makes things much quicker all round – you don’t have to wait while someone goes to dig up your plants and we can keep the transaction short and sweet! You can let us know when you’re coming by phone, email or on your online order.


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