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Tantalising buds: Evereste crab apple

20th Apr 2021

What a glorious week of sunshine we have had! While it has meant a lot of watering of everything from trees to those fledgling veg plants, you can't knock it. Coinciding with many aspects of life opening up once more, it really has been good for the soul.

All that energy from the sun has also been feeding the trees that are early into leaf and just about to flower. At the nursery, the run-up to flowering is almost as exciting as the blossoming itself. We watch the buds filling out with anticipation, and none more so than those of Malus Evereste, one of the very finest crab apples in our opinion.

Its clusters of deep pink buds, so perfect, nestled amongst the flawless young leaves just unfurling, hint at the beautiful display to come in May – but disguise the colour the blooms will actually be: snow white. Once the buds open, the branches are smothered in pretty five-petalled flowers, classic examples of apple and rose family blossom. And with the flowering come the pollinators, so the event is not just a feast for the eyes but also for wildlife.

We don't want to sound too 'gushy' about this tree, but you also need to know that the show doesn't end there. The flowers will turn into scrumptious looking miniature apples, yellow flushed with orange and red, which remain on the tree well into autumn. If you want a small garden tree with multi-season interest, you can't go far wrong with the Evereste crab apple, which is why it's one of our top recommended varieties.

As a bonus (here we go again!), crab apples help with apple tree pollination, and the fruits can be turned into crab apple jelly or left for wildlife to enjoy. It works in a host of situations, looking lovely in a traditional or contemporary style plot, coping with clay soils and partial shade. It's true, we can't sing its praises enough.

While you can probably tell Evereste is one of our favourites, other crab apples are available! For varieties with pink flowers, golden fruits or interesting leaves, browse our list of crab apples.


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