Summertime opening

14th Jun 2022

Spring, autumn and winter are the main tree planting seasons. You can buy trees and plant them in summer, but regular watering is crucial - and not that easy when you're away on holiday. As it's our slow season, Chew Valley Trees doesn't open at the weekend in July and August; Saturday opening will resume on 3rd September 2022. Until then, we're here 8.30-4.30pm, Monday-Friday.

Summer is a good time to see our young trees in full leaf, so please do come down to the nursery on a weekday. And it's the time of year we start to really appreciate the shade they can offer. For dappled shade, look to birches and rowans. Their small leaves and relatively light canopies let some light through. You need some space for a native silver birch - it's a tall and fast-growing tree, but rowans are much smaller and offer the added bonus of spring flowers and autumn berries. Flowering cherry trees with more open crowns also provide shade that's not too dense, while hawthorns and crab apples are small enough to provide just a little patch.

Most large trees and those with dense canopies will eventually provide a true patch of shade underneath their crown. The perfect spot for picnicking on a hot day! The area in shade moves with the sun and time of day, so most areas below the tree will still receive light at some point, but do think about this when positioning your tree. At six foot, it might not cast much shade, but in ten years it will have developed.

To create some cool shade in a medium-sized plot, look at field maple, red maple, whitebeam, and evergreens like standard Photinia Red Robin and Chinese privet. Large trees like beech, hornbeam and oak will give plenty of shade in summers to come.

Photo by Ryan Hafey on Unsplash


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