Autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

13th Oct 2017

Who doesn’t love Autumn? There’s so much colour to enjoy down here at the nursery that the dark mornings are soon forgotten. Here are a few delights we’ve spotted recently.

Irresistible bright fruitlets on Golden Hornet crab apple

Clear cerise leaflets: Winged spindle (Euonymus alatus)

Like miniature bunches of black grapes with magenta hats: Pheasant berry (Leycesteria formosa)

In full autumnal swing: Cornus Kesselringii

Looking good enough to eat: Malus Evereste

Leaves like oxblood leather: Viburnum plicatum mariesii

Delicate orange feathers for foliage: Weeping Japanese Maple (Acer dissectum Orangeola)


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