Pre-order bare root trees and hedging

2nd Oct 2021

November to March is what we call the bare root season. It's the traditional time for planting trees and hedging, harking back to the days when not so many were available in container form. Bare root is still the most economical way to get large numbers of trees and hedging whips - it means they can be bundled up and they take up less space than plants rooted into pots.If you're taking your trees/plants a long way on foot to a planting site, you'll also find it easier without heavy pots full of compost.

Bare root trees and hedging plants can only be transplanted when they're dormant (if they were in active growth they would dry out in transport). This means November-March, in most cases, or from December for fruit trees.

They're dug up to order. You put your order in, and we'll take them out of the moist ground either when you come in to collect or when they're going out for despatch. We bag up the roots for transport. This minimises the time the roots are exposed - even though they're not in active growth, they shouldn't be allowed to dry out.

When the trees wake up in their new home in spring, they'll get to work establishing themselves. Don't forget to start watering then! Most energy will go into the roots, so don't expect great growth on top in the first year - it will come once the roots are nicely at home in the soil.

For many plants, there's no difference in ease of establishment between bare root and container-grown. A few work better when pot-grown as they have a 'piece of home' with them when they find themselves in pastures new. That is, the roots have a reserve of growing media they can call on while trying to find their way in the new ground. The check in growth that can occur when you move a plant is called transplant shock - moving home can be a stressful business - but with correct planting and maintenance it passes.

Although it's not quite time for planting bare root things, you can pre-order them on the website, by email, over the phone, or in person at the nursery. If you're going to pick them up, please let us know when (when you know when it will be!) so we can get them ready in advance. And if you'd like to wait a while to have them delivered, also let us know. Phone us on 01275 333752 or email

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