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Oranges and reds aren’t the only autumn colours

19th Nov 2021

Autumn leaves come in many shades, from burnt orange to scarlet and burgundy. We tend to seek out those brightest of colours when choosing trees for an eye-catching autumn display. However we say yellows and golds should not be overlooked.

Take hornbeam, for instance. It comes in second to the colour of beech leaves when we think of the crisp foliage that clings on in the winter, but in terms of bright autumn yellows, it's pretty wonderful.

Field maple is another one to prize for butter yellow autumn colour. It's punchy autumn coat is one of its best features, even without shades that say spiced pumpkin, copper or cochineal.

Delicate silver birch leaves, meanwhile, take on an even more ethereal appearance when they fade from green to yellow, especially on weeping varieties. If Dickens' Miss Havisham were a tree, this would be it.

Larch is another tree that becomes even more delightful as it loses its green pigments. Branches bearing golden needles look particularly stunning against a clear blue sky.

Ornamental pear sometimes gives us a show of reds, sometimes gold.

The maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba) must be the prime example, though. Seeing a carpet of those fallen golden fans is nothing short of magical.


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