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National Tree Week

20th Nov 2019

Saturday 23 November sees the start of National Tree Week, an annual celebration coinciding with the start of the winter tree planting season. The idea is really to encourage more tree planting, because we need them to tackle climate change and support wildlife. And apart from that, they're beautiful and make us feel good.

National Tree Week originates in the aftermath of the Dutch Elm Disease crisis of the 1960s, when some 20 million elms were wiped out and people came together to "Plant a Tree in '73". As we approach 2020, the campaign is more relevant than ever, given the impact of Ash Dieback and the unfortunate fact that tree planting targets for the UK aren't being met.

The government planting target is set at 5,000 hectares a year, but really we need more like 30,000 ha to help tackle climate change with carbon-capturing trees.

Since you're on the Chew Valley Trees website, you're probably already thinking about doing some tree planting. Great! But if you want to take part of a tree planting event as part of the celebration, have a look at the events map on the Tree Council website.

And it's not just about mass planting - maintaining those trees is crucial to make sure they survive and do their job. Check out resources in our guides section, such as our articles on aftercare and watering, to find out how.


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