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Monty Don plants crab apples from Chew Valley Trees on Gardeners’ World

19th Oct 2018

If you were watching Gardeners' World on Friday (19 October), you will have seen Monty Don planting some fine crab apple trees in his Paradise Garden at Long Meadow. We're proud to say these were supplied by none other than Chew Valley Trees.

Monty chose four Malus 'Evereste' for his plot. 'Evereste' comes highly recommended by us for its elegant pyramidal shape, strong growth and luscious yellow-orange fruits, striped with red. One of the best things about 'Evereste', though, is that those fruits linger on the tree well into winter, maintaining their youthful firmness and colour. Not all crab apples are created equal! (Although we also stock a good range of other reliably bountiful varieties - see our stock of crab apples.)

The moniker no doubt stems from the delightful mass of white blossom that bursts from deep pink buds in spring, covering the tree like a blanket of snow. It was bred in France - hence the 'e' on the end of 'Evereste' - and introduced in the 1970s, since when it has been incredibly popular with gardeners for its disease resistance, as well as its other superb qualities. It has deservedly earned the Royal Horticultural Society's mark of approval, the Award of Garden Merit.

Usefully, 'Evereste' is perfect for a small garden as it packs in lots of seasonal interest while only reaching about 7m in height. The name belies its pint-sized nature!

Anyway, if you didn't catch our specimens going into the ground at Long Meadow when the show went out on Friday, it's available on iPlayer. And we still have some lovely Everestes in stock if you're tempted for your own plot.




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