8th May 2017

Day 5

We began our day with a trip out to a shop called Greenfingers in the Sangenjaya area of Tokyo (south west of the city). A lovely store I had read about, the brand has concessions in a couple of large malls as well as their own restaurant and a small farm shop –  all scattered across the city. We however were visiting the headoffice today.

Inside everything was beautifully displayed! Gorgeous, posh stationary, dainty jewellery and must have home accessories were stashed amongst the trendy house plants.

We bought notebooks, two large brass letters and a present for our dog!

The shop had a lovely, rustic look to it and a much more relaxed feel than anything or anywhere else we had been to in Japan thus far. I loved it!

We then took a long walk to the bohemian zone of Tokyo, a place called Shimokitazawa. Renowned for its independent shops, many vintage clothing stores and boho vibes I knew we were going to dig it!

We weren’t disappointed when the first shop we came across was The Darwin Room. A small store filled with some of the most amazing taxidermy I’ve ever seen, they even had a zebra! More like a museum than a shop – there were insects displayed in glass cases in size order, models, crystals, skulls, awesome knifes shaped like whales, postcards, prints, books and of course plants. We bought a small, cast iron gazelle… as you do.

The lady was the sweetest – chatting to us about where we were heading next as she served tea to people sitting in the shop window.

Shimokitazawa is definitely a piece of me! If I had to choose this is where I would live in Tokyo.

After downing a healthy, cold-pressed fruit juice we wandered further into the maze of fashion forward shopping. The area is very popular with younger people and people here seemed to dress more flamboyantly than anywhere else which was fun to see.

Waffles for lunch before grabbing a couple of beers… or four!



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