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Get watering!

8th Jun 2021

The sun is out! Okay, we're sure to get a few downpours here and there, but it seems that we're generally in for a flaming June, so that means one thing above all if you've planted trees recently: time to water, water, water.

Whether planted as bare-root or from a container, a nursery-grown tree planted in the last year won't have the optimum root extent to satisfy its water requirements. They're hooked up to irrigation in the nursery to make sure they get enough. Once they're planted out, they need a helping hand as well, just until they're well established and can support themselves. Your fledgling tree needs the "watering can of mum & dad". It won't be forever, just to get it going!

As a rough guide, a 15-litre pot tree will need 10 litres (a bucketful) about 2-3 times a week, or every day in hot weather.

  • Larger trees (30 litre pots and upwards) need MORE, because they're bigger. Soak the ground until the water has properly penetrated the soil, so you might see a puddle on the surface for a few moments.
  • Don't go overboard, you don't want to drown them!
  • Use your judgement. If leaves are wilting and ground looks dry, quickly get the can out and you'll save the day. If the ground is reasonable moist from rain, you won't need to water quite so much.
  • You have more control over the amount applied if you use buckets or watering cans. If you have a lot to water and have to use a hosepipe, don't leave it unattended as this risks overwatering.
  • Morning and evening are the best times to water as less will evaporate from the surface

Find out more in our guide to watering trees and shrubs.

Photo by David Ballew on Unsplash


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