Get ready for the planting season

15th Sep 2021

Well, summer had its moments, but in true British fashion August wasn't exactly scorching around here! And it's feeling mighty autumnal where we are now with gentle mists rolling around and some of the leaves turning early (as they often do in potted plants).

It all means our minds, here at Chew Valley Trees, are filled with two exciting things.

Firstly, a blaze of colour is around the corner! Between now and the end of November is a great time to get inspired by maples, liquidambars, snowy mespils, hornbeams, spindles, rowans and hawthorns as their hues warm up and berries look shiny and luscious.

The recipe for Autumn colour has some more info on what happens in the coming months.

Secondly, if you want to plant trees and hedging in the traditional planting season (late autumn and through winter), now is the time to plan and get ordering. As well as choosing your species, you'll want to think about whether bare root is the right option. Not all species are available in bare root form, but it can be a cost effective way to plant, especially if you're ordering multiple items of the same type.

There's more on this topic in Bare root or container?


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