COVID-19 Update

We are currently able to deliver phone and web orders to many UK postcodes, for more information please see our delivery page

From Thursday the 14th of May we will also be allowing pickups of pre-paid orders from the nursery. Sorry that we are not currently able to allow visits to the nursery for viewing or buying plants that have not been pre-ordered prior to arrival. For more information please see our blog


End of the bare root season

1st May 2019

Now that leaves are out or coming out on trees and shrubs, it's time to say goodbye to bare root plants. They'll be available again in November, but till then we will only be offering container-grown trees and shrubs.

Our range of container-grown plants is actually larger than what we offer in bare root form, so you will still have plenty of choice. If you need to understand the difference between bare root and container forms, see our guide. Sometimes it's worth waiting until the bare root season to buy what you need, especially if you're planting a deciduous hedge, for example.



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