Easter 2022 Opening

12th Apr 2022

The weather report is indicating it's going to be a bright and sunny Easter weekend. Three cheers for the weather! Not only does this mean that we will be able to celebrate this spring holiday with plenty of time in the fresh air (without getting wet), but many of us will also be planning to get some gardening done.

Spring blossom looks all the more beautiful against a clear blue sky, so if you come down to the nursery to choose a tree to plant, be prepared to be tempted. The nursery will be open from 8.30am to 4.30pm on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday (15th - 18th April, 2022).

While browsing is is enjoyable among the trees just coming into leaf or in full bloom, it's definitely worth having an idea of what you want for your plot before you come to the nursery. Top tips for choosing ornamental trees are to think about:

  • purpose of the tree - e.g. seasonal interest, structure, wildlife value, screening
  • ultimate size (approximate height you want your tree to get to in 10 years, and also think about spread)
  • evergreen or deciduous
  • season of most interest
  • plot characterstics (e.g. well-drained or wet soil; open, sunny, exposed or sheltered/shaded...)

If you're after a tree for spring blossom, now is a great time to see what we have available. Fantastic trees for spring blossom include Amelanchier, flowering cherries and crab apples. Most magnolias are just past their prime flowering now, but hawthorns ('May trees') are yet to get there. Sorbus - which includes rowans like our favourite, 'Cardinal Royal' - are another wonderful tree for spring interest. You might think of Japanese maples for their autumn colour, but spring is an equally exciting time to watch their fresh leaves unfurl against often colourful stems.

Do have a look at our guides section for more inspiration, and at the nursery there are experts on hand to help you make your choice.

Have a wonderful Easter.


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