Bare root trees and hedging are here

24th Nov 2017

The time has come to start planting trees and hedges from bare root stock. The season for this only runs from about November to March, so do get your orders in as soon as you can! You can order online or over the phone.

Pre-ordering bare root trees and hedging is best if you are planning on picking these up from the nursery, to avoid hanging around. We will pick your trees for you if you order bare root – if you prefer to pick your own specimens then please look at our container-grown stock.

Ideally you want to plant bare root plants as soon as you receive them, or within 24 hours. If this isn’t possible, simply temporarily heel them in (pop the roots in a temporary spot with soil covering them to stop them drying out). No need to unbundle them to do this, if you have several plants/trees.

For more advice on whether to go for bare root or container-grown, see our guide: Bare-root or container plants?


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