Bare root season in full swing

10th Dec 2021

Winter is the traditional time for planting trees. Although we supply container grown trees all year round, you can save a bit by opting for bare root trees and hedging, especially if you're planting a goodly number of the same thing. And so, this is one of the busiest times of year in the business.

For the uninitiated, the bare root season runs from about November to March. Things have been a little bit late this year as it was mild until recently, and we prefer to wait until it's properly chilly before lifting. It's not because we like to work in freezing conditions - just that it takes a good cold snap to send trees into their winter dormancy, when it's safest to transplant them with those naked roots. There's more info on what it all means in our guides section.

And what does this busy time mean for customers? Well, if you're wanting bare root plants, we advise making your decisions and getting those orders in in good time. In the same way that Christmas seems to come around in a jiffy, we find that before you know it, spring is arriving (earlier and earlier, it seems) and bare root plants are thinking about leafing out.

You will especially want to think about buying bare root if you've got a lot of deciduous hedging to plant. (See: Planting bare root whips for tips on this!) If, for one reason or another, you can't plant your a bare root items straight away, you'll want to heel them in. See: Heeling-in bare root trees and hedging.

If you can't find the answer to your questions on the website, we're always happy to answer questions at the nursery, by phone (01275 333752) or email ( Happy tree-planting season!


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