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Bare root season finished – time for container trees!

19th Mar 2021

Despite a few flurries of inclement weather, people have definitely made the most of the bare root planting season. That's to say, our bare root trees and hedging have been extremely popular this winter! Spring is in the air now, though, with blackthorn in flower and the suggestion of a dawn chorus growing each morning, so it's no longer possible for us to supply plants in bare root form. Once things beging to leaf out, they dry out too quickly to be moved around with naked roots.

Enter container-grown trees and shrubs! In the past, most trees were supplied in the traditional winter planting season, but these days even more varieties are available in pot-grown form. That means they are supplied rooted into compost in a pot, just like all the smaller perennials you get at a garden centre. Of course, trees are somewhat larger and require quite a bit more watering, hence a need for extensive irrigation systems and anti-wind-toppling infrastructure on the nursery. As you can imagine this leads to container-grown trees being slightly more expensive than bare root, which are easier to care for and move around, but the high quality stock on offer at Chew Valley Trees is still great value. And the advantages of pot-grown trees include being able to see them in the growing season at the nursery and choose the exact specimen you want.

Come down to the nursery this spring to see the gorgeous blossom on everything from flowering cherries to snowy mespil and magnolias. There's probably no better time to visit to see things in their full glory, although autumn is cetainly stunning, too! If you plant in spring, the ground is already warm and your tree will get off to a great start, allowing you to enjoy it from day one. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer questions and help you choose, if needed. No need to pre-book or pre-order. And if it fits in your vehicle (most 15 litre trees will go in a car with the back seats down), you can take your tree home straight away!

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