Bare root season ending soon

12th Feb 2020

As the days get longer and signs of spring appear, we are running out of bare root stock. We only supply bare root plants from November/December to March, while they're dormant, so if you are hoping to plant hedges or trees in this form, make haste! We still have stock of some species, but once they're gone, they're gone. We're getting particularly low on bare root hedging.

Although we love the busy winter tree-planting season, seeing blackthorn in bloom already is making us look forward to the season ahead. Can't wait for all those wonderful spring-flowering trees, from cherries to crab apples and magnolias to start doing their stuff. In the meantime, get planting the last of those bare root hedges and trees!

For more on the difference between bare root and container-grown, see our guide Bare root or container?

Check on the website or contact us to ask whether your required species are available bare root.


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