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A dark and majestic flowering cherry

5th May 2021

Green green green green green... As wonderful as green leaved trees are, sometimes what you want to see is something a bit different. A bit different and wonderfully handsome. Something like the purple leaved cherry, Prunus Royal Burgundy.

This tree is really something. Like all the flowering cherries, it produces a magical show in spring with frilly pink blossom bursting onto the scene just as we start to see a few more blue skies. This alone makes it an uplifting thing to behold in your garden.

But it has more to offer: a dark and moody background of burnished, burgundy foliage that sets off the rose-tinted blossom to perfection. And after those delicate petals are swept away on the breeze, this deep coloured crown becomes the main attraction, the elegantly pointed leaves shining as they catch the sun. As with many purple-leaved plants, the leaves may take on greener hues as summer progresses or where they are shaded, but come autumn the red tones return for a glorious display of deep claret.

The tree's red-purple tones work as a standalone specimen, or team beautifully with a range of colours in a nearby planting scheme. You could go monochrome, combining with cream/white flowers and dark-coloured plants, or bring out fiery tones like orange, terracotta and fuschia. Purple leaves also set off variegated foliage, pale/white bark, and blue, lilac and silver. Versatile is the word!

Anyway, don't take our word for it, come and see it for yourself at the nursery if you can, where you can also enjoy all the other trees in flower at this time of year and get some expert advice from our helpful staff.


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